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I ordered a 100 ft. roll of noseeum screening on 5/23/14.. It arrived well before projected date. The order was for 78 inch but I received 84 inch which I could live with.. The stretch was going well until we encountered tape across the roll. The 100 ft. roll had been put together as two 50 foot rolls which was not as advertised...a 100ft roll is not 2/50's! Your company was called and the issue was discussed with sales rep. Ben. He stated he would call...that was 4 weeks ago...not contact yet!! As for the product, what part has been done, it just withstood 100mph winds from hurricane Arthur...as for your company controlling the composition of a 100 ft. roll...some quality assurance needs to be in place to prevent changes by the homeowner/construction crew to accommodate your misrepresentation of what is available.
Date Added: 07/08/2014 by jj pipkin